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What do you think of when you hear the words Graphic Design? If you're a Dallas business owner, you may think of logo designs for your business, signage for outside your store, letterheads, business cards, even designs for print magazine ads.
Graphic design is all that and, in the digital world, it's also the design of your website, social media banners, pages and headers. Most importantly, graphic design across all these platforms should work together to tell the story of your brand.

Dallas Graphic Design Services: One Company for It All
When you're looking at Dallas graphic design services, you have choices. Some companies specialize in graphic design for print media, others specialize in Web design, and some provide comprehensive services for print and digital media, including graphic design for social media marketing.

It's important to consider your overall brand and how it will look across platforms. Whether customers are visiting your store front, your web site home page, or your Facebook page, they should recognize it immediately as the same business. Your logo and other aspects of graphic design that help brand your company, don't need  to look exactly the same, and, in fact, should differ based on the medium. But whether it's the colors, the fonts, or the overriding style, certain elements should tie your marketing messages together across platforms. This is difficult to accomplish if multiple companies are providing design services for different aspects of your marketing and advertising.

Having one graphic design firm to create your website, company logos, Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages, as well as traditional advertising design, which can include everything from business cards to letterhead and brochures, makes it easier to test how well your marketing message is working across platforms.

Are certain designs more successful? Would a font change make a difference? And if a change works for a higher conversion rate on your website, will it also work on your Facebook page? A/B variant testing is just one element of successful internet marketing, and it's easier to get valid results when you're working with one company who understands your brand from start to finish.
Graphic Design and Marketing: Working Together for Your Business
That brings us to another point: Your company's graphic design needs are driven by your strategic marketing plan. If you have a graphic design team who is working closely with your marketing department, or even providing outsourced marketing services for your business, the tie-in becomes organic. There's no disconnect between what the marketing team envisions and what the graphic design team executes. Again, we're talking about brand cohesion across platforms.

Struggling with the Right Graphic Design to Share Your Message?
If you've been sensing a disconnect between your website and other marketing messages, or if you haven't been achieving the conversions you want online or through traditional media, it could be time to consider re-branding with new logos and website design.

Whether your brand needs a full overhaul or just a facelift, you'll want to find a company that provides Dallas graphic design, marketing and Web design services all under one roof, for a cohesive message across traditional and inbound marketing platforms.

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