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Small Business Web Design: 5 Signs You Need a New Site

By now, most successful small businesses realize the importance of a website for marketing. But it may not be so obvious to see when you need small business web design services to update and enhance this important marketing tool.

Like your business plan, marketing strategy, and advertising budget, your website should change as your business evolves. To put it another way: websites are like fleet vehicles - they help drive your business, but they need tune-ups to continue performing optimally. We know that investing in small business web design isn't cheap. How do you know when it's time to make the investment and freshen up your website to improve business? Here are 5 signs you need small business web design to update your site.

1. You've changed your brand identity recently. - The best website design will reflect your overall branding strategy, from the company logo to the color schemes, style and “voice.” Whether people see your signage, your business cards, letterhead, your website, even mobile apps that are part of your advertising strategy, there should be consistency.

If you've tweaked your logo design, updated your signage, or made other branding changes, your website design might need to be freshened up in line with the rest of your brand.

2. Your website looks like it's from the turn of the century. - That makes your website sound really old, doesn't it? And that's our point. Web design from 2000 or 2001 is ancient by inbound marketing standards. Even a site that's just a few years old could use a facelift with some new colors and fonts. A website that's a mere five years old probably needs to be re-vamped to today's design and technology standards. You'll want to abandon that “flash” for something faster to load, with clean navigation and plenty of content.

 3. Your website is difficult to update. - Content is king... that phrase, itself, might be on the verge of becoming yesterday's news, but it's still true. And content today means more than just written blog posts. It means infographics, videos, downloadable white papers, charts and more. Your modern website should have plenty of these elements to inform and entertain visitors. But if your website is difficult to update, without an effective content management system, you'll find it harder to publish the content you need to stay ahead of the competition. Remember, frequent updates = frequent visitors = better SEO. And a good Content Management System makes that possible, whether you choose to out source content creation or take care of it all in-house.

 4. Your Google rankings have dropped. - Your Google rankings are affected by what your visitors can see, and just as much by what they can't see. Outdated technology on your website can hurt you Google rankings, while an up-to-date CMS, fresh SEO-optimized content and the right infrastructure will help put you on the first page of Google.

5. Your current website isn't converting. - In the end, the best measure of your website's success is conversions. Whether your small business website design is five years, or five months, old, if it's not converting, it could be time to make some changes.


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