It’s not enough to simply have a company page on these social media sites. Your company’s profile is front and center for all – and judging from how many utilize these social networks – we mean ALL! The right page design can quickly take your company from boring to “like.”


That’s tech-lingo for Search Engine Optimization. And for those of you who are not computer nerds like us, think of it simply as Serious Exposure Online. Once your brand teams up with the World Wide Web, a calculated search engine strategy is necessary to ensure high visibility and web-presence. It’s no longer enough to create a brand that just stands out; one must stand out from cyberspace.


One of the first things taught to beginning writers it to write what you know. For some, this allows for a lot free time. For others, this positions itself as a challenge to continuously learn and seek knowledge. For us copywriters, it’s not enough that we are affectionate towards literature and sleep holding a pencil. We must understand you and your brand – fully know you – to capture your essence through words. That is a challenge we welcome with very open arms and minds.


There’s a thin line between being enthusiastic and just being obnoxious. And when it comes to online advertising, in the potential consumer’s eye that line rightfully becomes even thinner. It is part of our mission to produce and distribute work that respects the user’s time and webspace with integrity and allows room for your brand to organically impact. Really, the thing that should pop most in a pop-up is your relevance.

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